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Inclusive and resilient education

Our inclusive and resilient education work gives every child the opportunity to learn literacy and numeracy at the right level. In 2022-3 we reached over 3.2 million people through our education programme. Education is a fundamental human right for all, yet 260 million children are still out of school worldwide.

Inclusive education is at the core of our programming. By tackling the intersecting barriers to children accessing education, we can help children to realise their rights to quality education and achieve their full potential.

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Our projects focus on delivering girls’ education and early childhood care and education (ECCE) for the most marginalized children, especially those with disabilities, and those facing intersecting challenges such as poverty, climate change, political instability and child marriage. 

We focus on early childhood education and basic literacy and numeracy skills, laying the foundations for children to have a brighter future. By investing in children at this crucial time in their development, our programmes build resilience for later in life.

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Girls education

Access to inclusive and quality education for girls essential to promoting gender equality and empowerment. Education gives women and girls the opportunity to access social, economic and political opportunities.

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Early childhood care and education (ECCE)

ECCE addresses the period from birth to eight years old. It is an key stage for education intervention because it capitalises on a period of rich brain development for children.