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How VSO works

Volunteering for development

At VSO, we know that people in developing countries have the power, courage and desire to help themselves. That’s why we use a volunteering for development approach internationally that puts the most marginalised people first.

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Working in partnerships

At VSO, we believe progress is only possible when we work together. Partnerships lie at the root of all the positive change we create. Together, we work on programme development and delivery, research, fundraising and influencing decision-makers.

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Influencing and Advocacy

We influence policy at national, regional and international levels. We connect decision makers to the experiences of our volunteers, partners and marginalised people.

Our work around the world, amplifying the voices of the poorest, is making change happen.

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Research and Evaluations

Evaluating our work is essential. Research plays a critical role in helping us understand and improve our work reducing poverty. We carry out systematic assessments of all projects, programmes and policies.

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