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Donate today. Help children and families in Kenya suffering hunger.

Right now, millions of families in Kenya are facing severe hunger. The climate crisis has caused four failed rain seasons. Crops are failing, livestock dying, and food is unaffordable. Thousands of people urgently need life-saving support to feed and protect themselves today, and into the coming weeks and months.

Please will you make a special donation today?

Donations will be distributed across all types of VSO’s work in health, education and livelihoods.

VSO is working to protect the most vulnerable who are suffering hunger from the effects of the climate crisis.

How VSO is responding

Kenya has just seen the failure of a fourth consecutive season of rainfall, and around 80% of the country is experiencing severe drought. Families are left extremely vulnerable and at risk of severe hunger.

VSO is a leading charity delivering lasting change through the power of volunteers. Unlike many organisations, VSO does not just send money or aid. VSO expert volunteers share their skills, knowledge, and know-how with vulnerable communities enabling families to survive the climate crisis today, tomorrow, and in the future. 

Right now, VSO volunteers are on the ground providing families with vital support and trainings on planting and growing hardy, resilient crops. By sharing life-saving skills and know-how with young mothers, they have the confidence to know that they can survive this crisis. And they will be equipped and have the resilience to provide for their families into the future.

Women and children are suffering greatly. You can help them survive with life-changing support.

Help children and families today

There are thousands of children and families who we need to reach. They deserve better. They need support now. 

With support from people like you, VSO volunteers can share farming methods that are sustainable, cost-effective and better for the planet, such as planting and growing crops that are hardy and can survive extreme weather. Without these life-changing techniques, and adapting to climate change, hungry families will be at risk of starvation. 

Gift food and care. You can help feed and protect children and families today and into the future.