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Girls like Izna are marginalised and isolated, but...


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Izna* (12) being mentored by a sign-language interpreter.

Too often, girls with disabilities miss out on the education they deserve, but…

…together we can change it.

In rural areas of Nepal, girls from poor and marginalised families frequently drop out of school at an early age. Parents struggling with the cost of books and uniforms often prioritise the education of their sons. Having been forced out of school, the next step for many girls is early marriage. They become women and mothers without having gained the skills or resources to build a better life, and the cycle of poverty continues.

You’re part of a team that’s transforming the way girls with disabilities are seen and the opportunities that are available to them.

“School teaches me something new every day” says Izna. Always eager to learn, she’s now seizing every opportunity. As a first step, VSO volunteer Nitin taught her sign language. Big Sister, Tarannum, worked closely with her family who are now seeing her thrive in a school for children with disabilities.

There is no more powerful belief than ‘THINGS CAN CHANGE’. Please send an urgent gift today that could help girls like Izna back into education.

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