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Once again, our work at VSO this year was dominated by the impact of COVID-19. Around the world, closure of schools, pressure on health systems and economic hardship have made life even more difficult for those who were already very vulnerable.

During 2021/2022, 6 Irish volunteers contributed to VSO projects in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Uganda. Based on our 21/22 surplus and available funds, and in line with our reserve policy, the VSO Ireland Board have approved grants, which will in 2022/23, contributing to two core VSO programme areas Inclusive Education, and Social Inclusion and Social Accountability.

Financial statements 2021-2022

IMPACT: Supporting VSO's work internationally


3,505 volunteers joined us in pursuit of our vision of a fair world for everyone, working across 28 countries.

8 million

8.2 million people were reached, including over 4.2 million indirectly and nearly 4 million directly.