• Worldwide, a baby dies every 34 seconds...

    Almost all of these deaths are preventable. A donation from you today could help provide a resuscitator, like the one that saved the life of baby Andrew in Uganda.

  • Help Irish VSO volunteers save babies' lives

    VSO provides vital resources and skilled health volunteers to some of the world's poorest communities - like Dr Aisling Walsh from Limerick who helped to improve neonatal care in Gulu, Uganda.

  • Bring joy to a mother this Christmas...

    You can help another mother take her healthy newborn home this Christmas. Donate what you can and help VSO provide life-saving equipment and skilled volunteers where they are needed the most.

Support VSO Ireland this Christmas...

Every mother waits to hear her baby take their first breath. For many, it never comes.

One million children die on their first day of life every year, and almost all of these deaths are preventable.

With your help this Christmas, we can save babies' lives. A donation from you could help provide a resuscitator, like the one that saved the life of baby Andrew in Uganda. 

"I know you'll agree that it's simply wrong that babies should die when the solutions that could save them are so very simple." Dr Aisling Walsh, VSO volunteer, Uganda

Have you got what it takes to volunteer?

Around the world, your skills can make a difference. The communities we work in need experienced professionals like you.

As a VSO volunteer, you'll live and work alongside local professionals, helping improve the quality of life for people who need it most. What's more, you'll experience a different culture in a way few people ever can.

You'll change lives – including your own. Take the first step towards volunteering with VSO today.