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Living in Myanmar

Whilst on placement, you'll live in private accommodation on a modest volunteer stipend which is sufficient to cover your basic living and working expenses including food and travel.

Our experienced staff will offer you all the support that they can to help you settle, and enable you make the biggest difference possible. Before you arrive in country you’ll have the opportunity to discuss online with the country office staff who will do their best to answer all the questions you might have about living and working in Myanmar. We will also provide you with documents that will assist you during your time working and living in Myanmar (i.e. volunteer handbook, security information, etc.). Additionally, an induction programme will be planned when you arrive to give you relevant information on how to find accommodation, claim for your expenses, know your partner organization and the nature of your future work better, etc.

As part of your induction, the Country Office also offers the opportunity to meet with the in-country medical advisor and an introductory language class with a local teacher. Each volunteer is then provided with a modest budget if they wish to continue language classes. The opportunity of having a local translator while in placement depends on the level of English spoken by the partner organization you will be working with.

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You’ll enjoy living in this fascinating country as it moves in to a period of fresh optimism and movement towards greater democracy as it emerges from four decades of military dictatorship.  Crime is much lower in Myanmar than in most other countries in the region, particularly where foreigners are involved. Road traffic accidents remain the single most likely serious incident that you might encounter.

Nevertheless, it is good to consider that there are still serious issues around military operations, security and stability. These larger scale risks typically pose limited threat to foreigners, though they increase the likelihood of a volunteer being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and being caught up in violence. VSO, at the beginning of your placement, will train you on geographical areas to avoid and behaviors to adopt to limit these risks.

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Life outside working hours can be extremely interesting and exciting in Myanmar, either in the major urban areas or in more rural settings. Opportunities to discover the cultural and natural beauties of the country are easily accessible, since public transport is generally comfortable and affordable. If Yangon and Mandalay offer more in terms of restaurants, bar and other social settings, being based outside of the major cities can be a very interesting opportunity to truly get in touch with the local communities and to experience the unique kindness, curiosity and friendliness of the Myanmar people. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Golden land!

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By volunteering with VSO in Myanmar you get to put your skills, energy and personal qualities to work, helping people break out of poverty.

Interested in volunteering in a country infused with optimism as it moves towards greater democracy?  A role in Myanmar might be just what you are looking for.

Get in touch with VSO Myanmar:

Telephone: +95(0)1 401601

VSO Myanmar, 17B-2, Thar Yar Waddy Street (off Sayarsan Road), Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar.