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Volunteering in Malawi

Standard-two pupils, Juliet Chisi, left, Lezina Gamaliel, Jessie Mbewe and Gloria Mphalo smile during the Unlocking Talent Through Technology class session at Ngwenya Primary School in Lilongwe Urban District Education Office

Standard-two pupils, Juliet Chisi, Lezina Gamaliel, Jessie Mbewe and Gloria Mphalo during the Unlocking Talent Through Technology class session at Ngwenya Primary School in Lilongwe Urban District Education Office

Moni, hello and welcome to Malawi.

Malawi is a small, landlocked country in south eastern Africa, whose friendly and generous culture has earned it the nickname ‘the Warm Heart of Africa’.

With an average life expectancy of 54 years and ranked 173rd out of 188 on the Human Developing Index, Malawi remains one of the least developed countries in the world.

61% of the population live below the poverty line and although school enrolment is high, quality of education remains low.

Improving access to quality education, healthcare and sustainable livelihoods are the priorities for VSO’s work in Malawi – could you help us bring about change?

We're experts at providing the support you’ll need to make a meaningful contribution in this welcoming country.

All the best,

Dario Gentili
Country Director

Volunteers in Malawi

Our team

Dario Gentili – Country Director

Steve Tahuna – Head of Programmes

Temwa Kasakula – Senior Programme Manager, HIV/AIDS

Khanyiwe Shawa – Senior Programme Manager, Education

Luciano Msunga – Senior Programme Manager, Secure Livelihoods

Josephine Mame – Project Manager, MAJI for Secure Livelihoods

Phillip Harawa –Project  Coordinator, IMA4P for Secure Livelihoods

Wongani Chimbali – Senior Project Manager for Unlocking Talent

Uranda Mataka – Unlocking Talent Project Manager

Misheck Vwemu – Project Manager for G.E.N.D.E.R

Linda Assani – Project Manager, ABLE for Education (new staff member joining next week)

Mellifa Ng’oma – People Operations Manager

Margie Sembereka– Volunteer Relationship Officer

Annie Mwapasa – Programme Administration Officer (Education)

Doris Kuntambira – Programme Administration Officer (Secure Livelihoods)

Contact us

VSO Malawi
Private Bag B 300
Capital City, Lilongwe 3

+265 1 795 499; +265 1 795 492; +265 1 795 494

Thinking of volunteering in Malawi?

Below is a list of all our current volunteer opportunities. Some of these jobs are available to nationals only. Others are available for candidates from anywhere in the world.

The application process at a glance:
Simply search for a role, click on the title and fill in our application form. Once we’ve received your application, you’ll receive a confirmation email explaining next steps.

Please note that our capacity does not allow us to accept CVs via email or to contact unsuccessful applicants personally.

Title Town Apply by
Researcher - National Volunteer (Malawi) Malawi