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Volunteer role: Youth Livelihoods Project Coordinator

Type of role:Business, management and IT
Location:Gilgel Beles town-Benishangul Gumuz Region, Ethiopia
Partner organisation:Professional Alliance for Development (PADet) (Ethiopia)
Application Closing Date:4 Mar 2019
Interview date:To be confirmed
Start date:As soon as possible

VSO is the world’s leading international development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty. Working in 24 countries around the world, our unique role in international development is to place committed volunteers with carefully selected organisations where their skills can have the greatest impact. As a VSO volunteer you’ll live and work in some of the world’s poorest communities. By sharing your unique skills and experience you’ll help generate new ideas and new ways of doing things, helping the communities you work in lift themselves out of poverty. We’re not about delivering quick fixes, but instead we focus on long-lasting, sustainable change, that will impact generations to come. Join us as a VSO volunteer and help us work towards our vision of a world without poverty.

Role overview

In the course of delivering planned EYEE project interventions, the contribution of qualified international volunteer plays important role through facilitating various essential services, sharing own lived experience, skills and other viable competencies among youth. The international volunteer is expected to bring contextual relevance to the project and primary actor youth, embrace the knowledge and actual experience on youth livelihood, work with PADet and other governmental implementing partners, and liaise with different project stakeholders, local private sectors and youth themselves towards aspired objectives.

Skills, qualifications and experience

The international volunteer has eight general areas of responsibilities/activities. These are shown below.
1. Local partnership management
• Conduct local stakeholders and partners’ assessment to determine preeminent actors incorporating government bodies, private sectors, youth and others concerned in EYEE project.
• Design and implement local partnership strategy that brings mapped stakeholders together to work towards improved youth livelihood.
• Participate in selecting primary actor youth (EYEE project direct beneficiaries) and ensure that most appropriate people are targeted as per criteria and procedure set by the project.

2. Market labour assessment and employment opportunities outreaching
• Take key position in the continuous effort to assess the local market and determine potential employment opportunities suitable for youth.
• Update local market context periodically to reach-out the most viable livelihood sectors for youth.
• Continuously document and share the findings of local market labour assessment and results from employment opportunities outreaching.

3. Sharing skills, awareness and knowledge
• Organize planned events to share skills and increase awareness of youth on livelihood opportunities.
• Provide individual and group advice for youth to help them identify feasible livelihood pathway or employment opportunity.
• Transfer own business knowledge and skills among youth, towards increased commitment and strong determination in the pathway.
• Closely work with private and public training providers to improve skill, knowledge and awareness standards.

4. Hard and soft skills management to youth
• Work with PADet to improve the quality and effectiveness of curricula designed to deliver soft and hard skills training for youth.
• Closely work with private and public training centres to ensure high standard skills are transferred for primary actor youth.
• Continuously monitor training sessions at private and public centres.
• Ensure that primary actor youth secured the minimum required core set of soft and hard skill before exiting training centres.
• Work with public and private competency assessment agencies to facilitate graduation and certification of youth trainees.

5. Employment opportunities for youth
• Advise primary actor youth to identify potential employment opportunities.
• Consult youth on employment organization alternatives (individual, group…) so effective and efficient structure is established.
• Ensure proper resource (start-up kits, finance, working premises…) allocated for employment of youth is efficiently and most properly utilized.
• Engage private and public partners to facilitate employment opportunities for youth.
• Facilitate continuous discussion forums and platforms to monitor employment status of youth and sustain similar services among other youth at target areas.
• Provide day-to-day visit/coaching among youth provided with employment support, so they survive in the local context.

6. Facilitate access to financial services
• Share financial and saving knowledge among youth.
• Participate in the establishment of youth saving groups.
• Link youth with micro finance institutions to facilitate accessible finance in long term.

7. Facilitate various services at youth centre
• Support/Monitor daily activities and services delivered by youth centre established by the project.
• Organize awareness raising and community mobilization to help youth and others fully utilize various services at youth centre.

8. Planning, Implementation, Reporting, Documentation and Communication
• Develop periodic work plan (at least on a monthly basis) and submit to VSOE.
• Ensure timely and proper implementation of planned activities.
• Continuously collect reliable information (using hand-notes, report templates, picture and videos) and establish & maintain effective documentation.
• Develop periodic reports (using appropriate templates) and share with VSOE on time (at least quarterly basis).
• Maintain effective communication between partners and VSOE.

On volunteers’ placement commencement period, detailed action plans will be developed by the volunteer and objectives will be agreed.

Due to the nature of our volunteer placements, it is possible that the responsibilities of this role may differ in reality and therefore the post holder will need to be prepared to be flexible and adapt to the environment as necessary.

Competencies and Behaviour

At VSO we believe progress is only possible by working together. Whether you want to join us as an employee, or as a volunteer working in your own country, overseas or online, our selection process includes an assessment based on these core competencies:

• Ability to be open minded and respectful
• Ability to be resilient and adaptive to new situations
• Ability to facilitate positive change and build sustainable working relationships
• Ability to seek and share knowledge

Equal Opportunities

VSO promotes equal opportunities and values a diverse workforce.


As a VSO volunteer, you will be sharing your skills with local communities on a full time basis. VSO will cover your travel, vaccinations, accommodation, and medical insurance costs, along with a local living allowance which will be paid in local currency. This allowance meets reasonable living expenses in country, but will not be enough to send money home. You will also receive some financial support to contribute to your on-going expenses at home.


VSO works with some of the poorest communities in the world which means accommodation varies and will be basic.

Some background about VSO

Much has changed since VSO started 60 years ago. We’ve gone from being a UK charity to a truly global development organisation. In 2016/2017 alone, we worked with over 7,000 volunteers from all over the world and from all backgrounds to deliver services that had an impact on the lives of almost 2.6 million people in the 24 countries where we work. Our programmes focus on the areas of health, education and livelihoods, with an increasing emphasis on resilience building, social accountability, gender and social inclusion. We believe progress is only possible when we work together and that strong partnerships are crucial to delivering positive change. That’s why we work with over 500 partner organisations, from local and national governments, to businesses, NGOs, funders, charities and community groups. Currently, over 30% of our people are recruited from within the country in which they work, and we continue to grow the share of community and national volunteers involved in our programmes. We also send increasing numbers of volunteers from one developing country to another. However, our vision has remained the same; to build a world without poverty.

If you’re interested in applying for this role, please download the job description for more information.

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VSO has zero tolerance of abuse and exploitation of vulnerable people. We expect all our employees/volunteers to ensure we protect children, young people and vulnerable adults from harm and abide by our safeguarding policy (PDF).

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