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Business, management and IT roles

VSO offers programmes in Africa and Asia that maximise the skills of business and management professionals. 

Business, management and IT volunteer roles

Business and management volunteers typically support entrepreneurs and small-to-medium-sized businesses to grow, to become more profitable and more sustainable. Enabling local economies to benefit from increased investment and greater access to employment.  As part of your work you may also be working with vulnerable groups to ensure that their voices are being heard and that they have access to the same rights as others in their community.

Volunteers from IT backgrounds support a range of projects by improving systems and processes that can effect greater efficiencies and reach more people. 

We recruit the following management, business and IT specialisms:

  • Business managers
  • Financial managers
  • HR managers
  • IT professionals
  • Organisational development advisers
  • Small business advisers


Tessa Huizinga, a corporate volunteer tutor with students Mohammed, Rukaiya and Wahid at the Training Services offices at Karume Institute of Science & Technology in Chukwani, Zanzibar


Current business, management and IT volunteer jobs abroad

We are looking for candidates in a number of anticipated volunteer jobs. These jobs are not confirmed yet. If you are interested in any of these jobs, please complete the application form and we'll be in touch.

How we support you

Throughout your journey with VSO, we’ll give you comprehensive financial, personal and professional support. Our financial package includes a local living allowance, return flights, accommodation, insurance and more. We'll provide you with extensive training before your placement and our offices in each of the countries we work in and our local partners will provide ongoing support while you are overseas.

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Corporate employee volunteering opportunities

Knowledge Exchange is VSO's corporate volunteering offer. We partner with private sector businesses, supporting them to build staff engagement and reduce poverty through employee volunteering. Find out what VSO Knowledge Exchange offers businesses.