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Knowledge Exchange is VSO's corporate employee volunteering offer. Through Knowledge Exchange, we facilitate impactful collaborations between companies and community organisations, creating shared value through skilled volunteering.

Delivering value to your company

Volunteering was the tool we chose to give our senior leaders the insight and first-hand experience required to deliver our sustainability strategy.

Juan Gonzalez-Valero, Head of Public Policy and Sustainability, Syngenta

Knowledge Exchange supports your company to:

  • achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of your corporate responsibility and sustainability plan;
  • develop sustainable leaders of tomorrow;
  • reward your employees and engage them with your CSR work;
  • improve talent acquisition and retention;
  • understand new markets and opportunities;
  • innovate new products and services; and
  • deepen involvement with and understanding of global supply chains.

Lasting impact of volunteering

In a recent survey of volunteers from nine of our corporate partners, ​91% stated they were more engaged with their company’s CSR policy and 74% actively made recommendations for positive change.

Discover more about the lasting impact of employee volunteering

Developing your employees

Knowledge Exchange placements are proven to develop key competencies of future leaders, including:

  • innovation, problem solving, flexibility, strategic thinking, empathy and team leading skills;
  • cross-cultural awareness and communication skills;
  • the ability to deliver projects and programmes linked to achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals; and
  • design thinking and product development to suit emerging markets.

Volunteering for Development

Our high standards of volunteering ensure sustainable impact in the communities within which we work, building resilience, inclusion and social accountability.

Corporate volunteering projects focus on:

  • demonstrable improvements in the lives of communities living in poverty;
  • building capability and skills of local development partners;
  • enabling local organisations and communities to have a better understanding of, and engagement with, the private sector;
  • creating new, sustainable development programmes; and
  • improving the systems and processes of VSO’s development work including recruitment, monitoring and evaluation.

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Bespoke corporate volunteering packages

Talk to us about your priorities for corporate volunteering: we can work together to combine different elements of existing programmes, or design an entirely original project tailored to your business.

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To find out what your business could achieve through a partnership with VSO, please let us know some details and our dedicated private sector engagement team will get in touch with you.