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Prisoners harvest cow peas in Zimbabwe

The food revolution that could transform life behind bars

Prisons have staggering levels of HIV, tuberculosis and other diseases in many of the countries where VSO works.

Poor nutritrition makes inmates more vulnerable to infection. Grow-your-own initiatives could be a simple, innovative way to improve health behind and beyond bars.

Infection rates are up to 10 times higher in prisons in Southern Africa than in the general population.

Education volunteer Fred van den Brug supporting children with Unlocking Talent resources

Using technology to improve education in Malawi

Education volunteer, Fred van den Brug, is supporting a project that uses technology to tackle some of Malawi's biggest education problems. We're looking for more teaching and education volunteers to join Fred. We might be looking for you.

Improving Market Access for the Poor - Malawi coffee co-operatives

The Accenture-funded Improving Market Access for the Poor project (IMA4P) enables people living in poverty, especially women, to have better access to markets.

Barriers to market participation include:

Improving maternal health in Malawi

Malawi has one of the worst rates of mothers dying in childbirth in the world.  Growing up in her village, 22-year-old student midwife Lilian Mkunga observed how many women and babies in her community died unnecessarily because they couldn't access proper health care. 

Accelerating learning through tablet technology

Class sizes in Malawi’s schools often exceed 100 pupils. Even the most qualified teachers struggle to deliver structured, engaging lessons covering everyone's learning style.

Now, 55,000 children are benefitting from VSO's Unlocking Talent project that provides: