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Using local businesses to support fundraising

Lead farmer Md. Rezaul conducts a farmers training session with Alipur Boro Vita Farmers Group at Alipur, Kafrikhal, Rangpur, Bangladesh. vso

You’ve come up with a good fundraising plan, have set up your JustGiving page and have asked your friends and family to support you. You can also turn to businesses in your area for support – they might be able to help you with fundraising and publicity.

Getting local businesses to sponsor you

Lots of companies are making efforts to involve themselves more in their local communities and with their local charities. Why not ask local companies to sponsor you or your fundraising event? If you are doing an event you could offer to include the company’s logo on your banners or other promotional materials in return. 

Approaching the right person

Try to find out who the right person is to approach in the company. Do they have a Corporate Social Responsibility or community team? Ring them up directly as you'll be able to get a much speedier response, and they are more likely to say yes! Arrange a meeting with them in person as this will help you get across your compelling personal story.

If you are invited in to talk about what you are doing, just be confident and be yourself. We can offer support with talking about why you are fundraising for VSO as well as powerpoint presentations and other materials you can use in these settings. Get in touch for further support. 

Using your own workplace

Does your place of work have a scheme to match the value of your individual fundraising, often called matched giving? This is another quick way of making your money grow. If they don’t, think about asking whether any of your friends’ employers have a similar scheme and see if they can do some fundraising on your behalf. Find further ideas on fundraising at work 

Looking beyond sponsorship

There are lots of ways that companies in your area can help you with your fundraising – even if they are unable to offer financial support. You could try:

  • Asking for donation of their products or vouchers for their services which you could use in a raffle or charity auction
  • Ask if they will publicise your fundraising to staff in an email, or on their company intranet or notice board
  • If they are a public-facing company like a pub, gym or retailer ask if they will put up posters for you on their premises to promote your fundraising or see if they will take a collection box

If your company would like to support us as your Charity of the Year, please contact us for further information. 


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