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How to organise a street collection

Fundraisers enjoying the sun during their street collection vso

Street collections are a great way to raise money, but do require some forward planning. You will need to obtain permission from the council or shop owner first.

 It might seem daunting, but wear a big smile, be positive and you will be surprised at how generous people can be and how much you enjoy it!

Sally Beckenham, VSO fundraising

Getting permission

  • You will need to get permission from the licensing department of your local council – search their website for help
  • If your permission is granted, request this in writing and carry it with you on the day in case you are asked to provide some proof
  • If you have been given a collection badge make sure that this is visible
  • Wear your VSO T-shirt and contact us for a VSO collection tin or bucket

Setting a time and place for the collection

  • Choose a suitable location that will be busy with a high level of people passing by on the date and time that you are planning to collect in order to reach as many people as possible.
  • Your safety is very important to us - never collect money on your own. Work with a partner or team.
  • Think about where to stand – it is better for street collectors to stand at some distance from each other, but not too far away so that you can’t see each other.
  • Be prepared with information and facts about VSO and what we do – people who stop to talk to you will want to find out more about where their money goes and why they should donate to VSO.

Paying in funds raised 

  • Don't forget to pay in any raised funds to us as quickly as possible and to find out how, please visit our how to pay in your funds page. 
  • Please note that for street collections, you cannot claim Gift Aid on the money raised.
The dedicated VSO supporter care team are onhand during UK business hours to give you any support you need

Need some help? Get in touch!

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8780 7500