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Step one: Find the right place to host a charity quiz

Pubs are a popular choice for hosting a charity fundraising quiz

Before you crack on with writing quiz questions, start by considering the location of the quiz. If it’s in a pub, do you need a PA system? If it's in the office or at home, would a microphone help those at the back hear the all-important bonus round?

It’s worth telling landlords, bosses and loved ones why you’re raising money; they might loan you equipment for free or if you plug their business on the night. And, if you can, pop along to any regular quiz nights and rally the troops by letting keen gamers know about your event.

Step 2: Ask around for help

The best hosts are clear, quick-witted and crucially loud enough for all to hear. So if the thought of bellowing out questions fills you with dread, think which friend, colleague or family member might make Brian Blessed seem shy and retiring. Shiny quizzing shirt optional.

Step 3: Set an entry fee

Work out how many people you expect and whether you’re going to charge per team - and if so, if you’re setting a maximum number per team - or per player. This will help give you a clear idea of how much you’re likely to raise and if you do need to rent a PA system, how much you can spend on overheads.

Step 4: Offer a good range of questions

It pays to know your audience. While some players will lap up a lengthy head-scratching round of questions about the lost works of Shakespeare, others will just tune out. So keep knowledge general and broad if you’re expecting lots of people you don’t know. Think more Eggheads than University Challenge. Of course, if you know most of the teams, you can choose questions specific to that group, such as doing a regional round. Sift through trivia books, look online at sites like, jot down questions from TV shows and remember to triple check your answers; the last thing you want is a recount!

Step 5: Consider your prizes

If you’d like to offer prizes for the winning team, make yourself known to local pubs, restaurants and businesses to see if they can donate prizes in return for a link to their website on your publicity material. Whatever you do, make sure it’s all legal by running through VSO’s checklist, but if you’re in any doubt, contact us.

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