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Step 1: Ask for help

VSO fundraisers proudly display their cakes

Even if you’re a keen baker, it pays to ask around for help. Not only will this increase the number of ovens available to you, it’ll also take some of the pressure off. Some people prefer to help in a practical way and who knows, they might just have a show-stopping lemon drizzle cake up their sleeves. It’s worth spending time working out how many people you expect and therefore how many bakes you’ll need, remembering to include some savoury options to win over those who lack a sweet tooth.

Step 2: Find your location

Offices are a prime location to host a cake sale. With lunch stretching ahead, hungry colleagues will welcome the chance to stock up on snacks during the mid-morning lull. Shops and reception areas, particularly those which have decent footfall, can also prove a hit, as well as local businesses, markets or school and office canteens. Ask around to see what’s going on and consider theming your cake sale to match the premises. An easy way of doing this would be to decorate some of your cakes using the same colour icing as your local football club’s strip.

Step 3: Get everyone involved

If you’re hosting the sale at work, make HR or the resident social butterfly aware. Put the details on the intranet, include it in the weekly email, stick up posters and remind people via Facebook. And in all correspondence, include a link to your charity page.

Step 4: Think ahead

Exchange some £10 and £20 notes for small change the night before the sale. Then decide how much you’re going to sell the goods for, making sure there’s a range of prices and that these are prominently displayed. Set aside small takeaway boxes to tempt those who aren’t quite ready for cake.

Need some help? Get in touch!

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Our supporter care team are on hand during UK business hours. Give them a call!

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