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Our research generates robust and relevant evidence through participatory practices, helping us to improve and innovate within our programmes. Research opens up new possibilities and shapes our development priorities.  

Our evaluations are systematic assessments of ongoing or completed projects. They offer an opportunity to explore what has been achieved, as well as looking at how and why changes have occurred in the communities we work in. 

All of these activities contribute to learning, which is central to developing the quality and effectiveness of our work. By learning from and acting on our evaluation and research findings, we transform evidence into knowledge for impact. 

Our Monitoring, Evaluation and Research team 

Our global team works alongside local staff in our country offices to carry out research and evaluations of our programmes, using participatory approaches.

By working closely with different people and functions across VSO, we bridge the gap between programme knowledge and evidence, to inform and strengthen our People First strategy and Volunteering for Development approach.

Ultimately, we aim to increase the quality of the evidence that's available, to help prove and improve the impact of VSO's work.

Contact us

For more information on our research and evaluations, contact Miriam Karim, Knowledge and Learning Coordinator: