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#PovertyBox... one week later

This month, VSO Ireland's Liz Gordy took on the #PovertyBox challenge, spending only €14 on food and drink for a week. Here's how she found the challenge one week later.

I felt a total sense of accomplishment after completing seven days of the Poverty Box Challenge, but at the same time kind of guilty. My first meal purchase after the challenge was two cups of coffee and and a pastry, which came to a total of €7.70. That’s over half of what my previous week’s food budget was! 

It’s been difficult adjusting back into my normal life over the past week. I can’t help but continue to be very conscious of my spending. This challenge made me realise that I waste far too much time and money on things that aren’t important or necessary. I learned to really appreciate every piece of food. On the last day of the challenge we had €1.02 remaining in the budget, so we treated ourselves to some fruit- two oranges and a banana. An orange never tasted so good in my life. 

I’m glad I did this challenge and I wish more people would try it, but it kills me that for billions of people this is their reality. For those of us who don’t have to worry about food security, we really should be doing more to raise awareness and help end hunger. At the end of the challenge I donated two large boxes of fruit and vegetables through Green Earth Organics to organisations working to feed the hungry in Ireland. It’s very important this holiday season that we don't forget the people in need in our own communities and around the world.

I encourage everyone to try the Poverty Box Challenge. If you feel like you can’t do it, then find other ways to support your local community. There are organisations throughout Ireland collecting donations of food and gifts. Keep to mind to only donate food that is in-date, easy to prepare, and ideally something you yourself would be willing to eat. The same goes for clothes and other gifts. If something is damaged, then it's best to recycle it.

Want to follow in Liz's footsteps?

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