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Four-year-old Monir is one among 900,000 Rohingya people living in refugee camps in Bangladesh. They fled following persecution in Myanmar.

Camp conditions are crowded, with little or no electricity, running water, or toilets. Children are cut off from play and learning.

“Education cannot wait. Life is going on and you cannot sit and be quiet. You should learn."  VSO volunteer Anup Goon.

It’s not fair, but things can change.

VSO trained volunteer teaching assistants are reaching children like Monir safely to ensure their education continues. They sing songs, play games and draw with the little ones helping them play and heal. Today Monir is smiling again and he is learning every day.

If you are inspired by Monir's story, please stand with refugees today. Donate now and fund the change you want to see.

Hope in play and learning

Monir is learning every day. He's proud he can write his name, knows the Burmese and English alphabet, and the names of birds. To see him smile again is a joy.

Together, we can reach more refugee children with the support they need to play, heal and learn. Find out how you can stand with refugees below.