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Green jobs

We understand green jobs as decent jobs that promote environmental and biodiversity conservation. These are jobs that support reduction of practices that are harmful to the environment and contribute to creating economically and socially inclusive businesses.

Green jobs are decent jobs that:

  • reduce consumption of energy and raw materials
  • limit greenhouse gas emissions
  • minimise waste and pollution and
  • protect and restore ecosystems.

Our programmes design green jobs that protect and preserve the environment in priority sectors such as, organic agriculture, renewable energy, waste management and climate resilience.

Green jobs are able to provide decent working opportunities for young women and men, that considers environmental impact and biodiversity whilst allowing businesses to thrive. We support enterprises that produce goods and services that benefit the environment and create inclusive green jobs for young people.

Despite increased green employment opportunities, youth still experience high levels of unemployment. Youths face many barriers that limit or prevent greater green opportunities. We hope to secure decent employment for young people and successfully establish, manage and grow enterprises that generate green jobs.

Our work in green jobs