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LAND Justice Zambia

Advocating for land rights

Land rights are a key influence on the livelihoods of entire communities in Zambia. The Land Access Network for Development and Justice (LAND Justice) project aims to improve the security of land tenure by:

  1. advocating for policy changes to improve and formalize ownership documentation, particularly amongst women
  2. empowering communities to demand and claim their land rights

Land Access Network for Development and Justice (LAND Justice) project in Zambia

The project operates in six communities within the Chembe, Chienge and Mansa Districts of Luapula Province.  It’s a partnership between VSO, Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA), and Mansa District Land Alliance (MDLA) which is a branch of ZLA in Luapula Province. It is funded by the EU.

Barriers to the administration of land in Zambia include:

  • limited information on land acquisition processes;
  • weak enforcement and monitoring of land rights;
  • poor harmonization of land policy and legislation;
  • weak co-ordination of the land administration sector by stakeholders;
  • low levels of community participation and knowledge of land rights; and
  • prohibitive cultural attitudes towards women’s ownership to land.


Alice Mafuleka: Governance Manager: VSO Zambia Office

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