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Nurturing the spirit of volunteering in Thailand

Volunteers in Thailand | VSO Shutterstock/Freedom Studio

VSO is supporting the growing volunteerism movement in Thailand, together with our local partner, the Volunteer Spirit Network.

After the 2004 Tsumani struck Thailand, there was a mass desire among everyday people to do something to help. A volunteerism movement grew, beginning with 10 volunteer camps working with children in Tsunami-affected areas initiated by university communities. Nuntinee Malonon was among them and went on to set up the Volunteer Spirit Network.

"The Thai people learnt about loss and wanted to do something. A whole new generation of volunteers was born."

Nuntinee Malonon, Manager, Volunteer Spirit Network

VSO and the Volunteer Spirit Network

The Volunteer Spirit Network is currently is made up of 20 founding organisations which are all involved in promoting volunteering for development. It is the national platform for volunteering organisations and aims to promote an “enabling environment for volunteering in Thailand”  

It matches up the 30,000 Thai volunteers on its database to local volunteering opportunities. It also organises an annual conference each September, promoting volunteering for development.

Our support

VSO provides technical support to the volunteers and volunteer management systems, including through training and best practice advice from VSO's decades of experience managing high-impact volunteering programmes.

We also worked with the network to influence the development of the Thai Government's volunteering for development strategy, launched in 2016.

A key commitment of the strategy is the establishment of a national volunteering centre, which VSO is working to enable.

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