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Since 1959, VSO has been working in Kenya to create a world without poverty. We work through volunteers to promote community development, and deliver high impact development projects.

VSO Kenya works in three thematic areas: inclusive education, youth employment and entrepreneurship and social accountability. We integrate social accountability, social inclusion and gender and resilience into our programmes.


Learning centres set up by volunteers have supported 120 deaf children and their families in sign language communication and psychological support. 


Supported 70 youth polytechnics in Muranga County to successfully lobby government to pass a law improving welfare for vocational instructors and providing additional financial support for vocational education.


167 girls and young women were trained on financial literacy in 2017/18

Inclusive education

The inclusive education programme works with disadvantaged and marginalised children and their communities. It aims to increase access to inclusive quality education and lifelong learning thus improving learning outcomes for disadvantaged and marginalised children.

Children sitting at a bench at a school in Kenya ©VSO/Martijn Roos

The programme works with children aged from 0-14 years who are out of school, children with disabilities and children from remote areas as well as girls at risk of child marriage.

VSO Kenya will ensure that 4,000 children with disabilities, 6,000 marginalised girls and boys, and 2,500 out of school children have access to improved quality inclusive education.

The programme has three long term outcomes:

  • Enhanced conducive, safe, friendly formal and non-formal learning environment for delivery of inclusive education.
  • Communities, parents and children actively engage in education and safety of disadvantaged and marginalised children.
  • Effective implementation of inclusive education policies by the government.


Empowering youth

With unemployment rate of 39.1%, Kenya has the worst unemployment rate in East Africa (UN HDI, 2017).

VSO Kenya's youth programme focuses on supporting marginalised and disadvantaged youth.

The programme aims to create resilient livelihoods for the marginalised and disadvantaged youth through increasing employability and entrepreneurship. The programme works with young people aged 15- 29 years who are not in training, not in employment or are underemployed. Youth with disabilities, young girls, young heads of households and young peoplefrom informal settlement and pastoralists communities.

The programme intends that the targeted youth have:

  • Agency and ownership.
  • Relevant skills (soft and technical) for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship.
  • Access to employment and entrepreneurship.

VSO Kenya will ensure that 10,000 youth have access to relevant skills and training through formal and informal training avenues, and will ensure that 5,000 youth have access to entrepreneurship and employment opportunities, and 2,500 have resilient livelihoods. 50% will be women and people with disabilities.

Social accountability

March for deaf rights in Kenya | VSO ICS ©VSO/Jeffrey DeKock

Deaf awareness march in Kapsabet, Kenya, organised by Deafway ICS volunteers. 

Social accountability is a process where poor and marginalised people lead their development by exercising voice, claiming rights, and holding those in power to account.

The programme works with marginalised youth, women and persons with disabilities. The overall impact for the programme is that the government (county and national) is more responsive to citizens’ demands for improved service delivery and participation.

The programme has three outcomes, namely:

  • County governments increasingly responsive towards citizen’s engagement (e.g. providing spaces and information).
  • Improved enabling environment for citizens engagement
  • Enhanced engagement and participation of primary actors in planning and service delivery

Volunteering for Development programme

The Volunteering for Development programme, funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) works to improve quality and access to health and education services as well as livelihood opportunities for the most poor and vulnerable.

The grant recognises VSO's extensive experience of putting volunteers in the right places to tackle poverty and inequality. Find out more


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Location: VSO Kenya, Timau Plaza 5th Floor, Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: (+254) 720 890 184, (+254) 203 871 700

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