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Bangladesh documents

In accordance with the Bangladesh Right to Information Act, the following documents are provided to help uphold the highest international standards of transparency, accountability and integrity.

Members of the Forum of International Non-Government Organizations working in Bangladesh (INGO Forum), which includes VSO Bangladesh, are committed to:

  1. be open, honest and accountable in their relationships with everyone they work with and with each other;
  2. provide accurate and timely reports of their activities to respective stakeholders when reasonable requests are made;
  3. comply with the Right to Information Act 2009 and Whistleblower Protection Act 2012 of the Government of Bangladesh;
  4. report, publish and disclose relevant information at their disposal proactively and periodically via their respective websites and other possible and practical means meeting best possible national and international standards;
  5. provide information at their disposal to any individual upon request in the due process by relevant and applicable means;
  6. disclose, publish and report all information subject to specific exceptions


 The following are available on request but are not proactively disclosed:

  • Board & Staff Directory with business contact information of staff
  • Operations Policy
  • Human Resources Policy