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Our evaluations

Learning and strengthening through evaluation

We know that timely evaluation plays a critical role in understanding the contribution we make in delivering sustainable development.

Rigorous evaluations allows us to:

  1. Improve what we do, to inform programme development, and
  2. Prove what we do, so we are accountable to the poor and marginalised communities we serve, donors, partners, and peer organisations
VSO meta-evaluation cover

Meta-evaluation and synthesis review

We recently conducted a review of 26 VSO evaluation reports, covering our work in specific countries and individual programmes.  

The review came about in response to VSO’s new global evaluation strategy, which highlighted the need to improve the quality of evidence generated. 

The aims were to:

  • Review the quality of existing evidence and identify key areas for improvement.
  • Analyse the collection of evidence to understand the collective impact of VSO’s work.
  • Identify and understand trends in our impact and sustainability across different contexts, core approaches and core programme areas (education, health and livelihoods).

Key findings and report download

Cover of the Valuing Volunteering report

Other completed evaluations include:

VSO Project Evaluation - Making Markets Work [PDF]
A comprehensive evaluation of the "Making Markets Work for the Poor" (MMW4P) project from 2009 to 2014. MMW4P is an Accenture-VSO partnership to enable 310,000 poor and marginalised people to establish a more secure livelihood and “chart a path” out of poverty.

VSO Project Evaluation - Education Ethiopia [PDF]
Key lessons and emerging themes to improve our education work, specific programmatic approach, and overarching Theory of Change.

Evaluation of support to continuous professional development of health workers in Tanzania [PDF]
Examining the No Baby Left Out (NBLO) project in Lindi region and the Hospital Strengthening (HS) initiative in Kagera region to test assumptions and to identify best practice in the delivery of support to health workers.

VSO Project Evaluation - Value For Money CASH Tanzania.pdf
The findings from a project to empower smallholder farmers to participate in a higher return market and transform agriculture from subsistence activity to a profitable enterprise.

Volunteering for development in South Sudan [PDF]
Demonstrates the effectiveness of volunteering for development in South Sudan and more generally.

Evaluation of approaches to National Volunteering, VSO Nigeria [PDF]
Understanding the contribution of national volunteering models towards programme and project objectives and outcomes in Nigeria.

In School, in society: Early childhood development in Myanmar migrant communities in Thailand [PDF]
The views of parents, child carers, health workers and teachers, employers and government workers on access to education for migrants.

Post-closure evaluations

Sri Lanka Post-closure evaluation report
One year after we finished working in Sri Lanka, 75% of the skills, income, and process developments that we supported are being sustained, highlighting the effectiveness and continued positive impact of our approach to capacity development.

Cameroon post-closure evaluation report [PDF]
To test and examine VSO’s assumptions about building capacity of local partner organisations, and the impact this has.

Youth programmes evidence-based case studies 2014-15

Understanding the development results from youth programmes, and how these results have been achieved through youth volunteering.