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Sustainable Development Goals

At VSO Ireland, we are passionate about sustainable development - it's what all our programmes are about and what our volunteers, who share their skills with overseas colleagues, are working towards. With this in mind, it should be no surprise that we're massive advocates of the Sustainable Development Goals, 17 Goals set in place by the UN to tackle injustice between now and 2030. These Goals are about making the world a fairer place, and cover everything from gender equality and environmental sustainability to hunger and quality education. 

Improving the lives of marginalised people in the low-income countries where we work is our main goal at VSO Ireland. We're also keen to increase awareness of the issues that lead to poverty and inequality, both at home and abroad, and the positive impact volunteering can have in allievating this. Check out the blog posts linked below to increase your own knowledge and take heed of the simple everyday to be a little more sustainable in your everyday life.

If you have any questions about the SDGs or recommendations for what you'd like to learn more about in our blog, please email

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