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©VSO/Mile 91/Ben Langdon

Maternal and neonatal health

Over 2.6 million babies die within in the first 28 days of life each year.  Most of these deaths happen in developing countries, from preventable causes. 

We improve maternal and newborn health by:

  • Training frontline health workers
  • Supporting communities to demand a better service
  • Improving management of health services
  • Promoting low-cost, high-impact technology and practice
  • Championing the use of data to improve services

Making an impact

Nurse at Arbaminch Hospital | VSO International

Up to 40% more babies surviving in Ethiopia in our best practice newborn intensive care units

VSO volunteer midwife trainer Beth with students in Malawi ©VSO/Georgie Scott

Training a highly skilled generation of midwives in Malawi

Help us do more

Please consider making a donation to support our work, or find out about partnering with us.

Could you volunteer?

The progress we are making on improving health outcomes for mother and newborns are only possible through the contribution of volunteers.

Find out if you could use your skills to make a difference by volunteering with VSO.

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