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Donations will be distributed across all types of VSO’s work in health, education and livelihoods.

VSO/Paul Wambugu

Girls focus on developing essential skills, such as functional maths.

An education for life

When a girl drops out of school, poverty is often the root cause. Elizabeth's family had no food and slept on the floor in their thatched hut with the rain coming through the roof. Without the skills or knowledge to earn a living, most girls have few options or opportunities. Marriage, early motherhood and a continuing life of poverty may be the only path ahead – unless, with your help, they can return to education. 

VSO offers girls aged 10-19, who were forced to drop out of primary school, the chance to attend VSO catch-up education centres. They learn essential skills, including reading, writing and Elizabeth's favourite subject - maths. As many of the girls are mothers already, we ease their burden and help them focus by ensuring they've childcare for their babies during class. They also receive essential hygiene (including soap, sanitiser and santiary towels) and education kits (including bag, books and pens) to help them attend.

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VSO/Paul Wambugu

Teachers like Christine are role models for their students.

Inspiring girls through role models

VSO volunteers provide ongoing training to Education for Life teachers. They’re qualified and from similar backgrounds to the girls, so they’re also supported in their development. Together with volunteers, they draw up engaging and interactive lessons that maximise student’s learning after all they’ve missed.

As wives and mothers, life can be challenging and tough. Elizabeth's husband sometimes beats her because there is no food to eat. VSO supports the girls with mentors who help them continue their studies and with any personal problems. As local women who have gone through a range of similar challenges, the mentors are amazing role models who show the girls how a happy life with choice is possible with the right education and support.

Each girl stays learning for 6 to 9 months. When that's completed they have a range of options open to them - thanks to VSO supporters.

They can re-enrol in school, take a vocational course or apprenticeship, or receive financial support to start a small business like a shop - which is Elizabeth’s dream. That and a different life for her daughter. VSO remains with them through their journey of education, their transition into work and for their first 6 months of their work/new business.

You can help more girls like Elizabeth get back into the classroom and out of poverty.

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