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Coronavirus emergency appeal

Help us protect more families against coronavirus.

Without access to life-saving health advice, many of the world's most vulnerable and remote communities are in danger. It is essential that we reach them, and fast, so no-one is left behind. 

Your donation could help our frontline volunteers reach more people with emergency coronavirus health advice.

Please donate today to help save lives.

Donations will be distributed across all types of VSO’s work in health, education and livelihoods.

Coronavirus will reach the poorest and hit them hardest - please act now to help save lives

The World Health Organisation has recently announced that the coronavirus pandemic is far from over. In developing countries especially, reports show infection rates are rising and lockdown restrictions are disrupting people's lives. 

Many of the families and communities we work with around the world, including refugees displaced by conflict or those in slum communities, are already living in hunger, poverty and ill health.

Your donation could help VSO volunteers protect those most at risk from the virus by sharing emergency health advice. 

Other ways we are building resilience against the virus include: 

  • continuing children's access to education
  • providing mental health support for young people
  • raising awareness of domestic violence
  • empowering people to know their right to access support
  • helping small business owners adapt and continue to make a living.

It is more important than ever that we stand side-by-side with the poorest communities and help them through this crisis. 

Help us reach families who are most at risk. 

Donate now

VSO/Dick Lamin

Dick is a disaster risk reduction specialist urgently providing remote communities with life-saving health information

On the ground in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, our networks of local partners and community volunteers like Dick are reaching the most at risk, including older people, people with disabilities and marginalised communities.

"In a community like mine sharing information can save people, because they need to know what is happening. If they don't, they live in the dark."

With your support, VSO volunteers can share life-saving information, via radio and on the ground – helping more people understand the symptoms of coronavirus and how to keep themselves safe.

Please give what you can today to help us protect more families against coronavirus.  

Donate now