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Stand with the most vulnerable today

Thousands of families have been protected against the coronavirus with VSO's life-saving health advise and supplies. But so many people continue to face this crisis alone. We must leave no-one behind in the global fight against this virus.

You could help provide hygiene kits and health information to marginalised people who already have so little.

Please donate today to help protect lives.

Donations will be distributed across all types of VSO’s work in health, education and livelihoods.

Stand with the most vulnerable today

Big sister Joya Parvin raising Covid awareness.

Keeping girls safe and healthy

Joya Parvin 18, is a VSO community volunteer from Parsa district, Nepal. In her role as a VSO volunteer, she's a lifeline support for 13 younger girls in her community, who are at risk of dropping out of education, and child marriage. Joya provides mentorship, learning support and advocates for girls' education. She's now ensuring girls have the right information and supplies to keep healthy.

A younger 'sister' of Joya's shares: "I was very scared to hear that there are positive cases of COVID in my village; I thought I would die too. Joya frequently called me and my family, telling us not to panic and providing advice to keep ourselves healthy. I have been washing my hands more frequently and do not go out of the house."

One of the biggest challenges girls in the community face is hygiene, with menstrual products, soap and sanitiser being a luxury many families cannot afford. VSO supporters have provided volunteers, and essential hygiene kits to girls in crisis.

A gift today could help reach more girls at risk who are struggling to keep safe and clean.

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