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Ethiopian mother in hospital Eduardo Soteras/AFP
Eduardo Soteras/AFP

Donate now to help women in Ethiopia

Women in Ethiopia are fleeing their homes due to conflicts and climate change. While seeking refuge, they've been attacked, sexually assaulted and witnessed horrific sights. Pregnant women, women who have suffered violence, and mums with young babies urgently need essentials including food, clothes, blankets and services to support their recovery.

Please will you make a special donation today to help women recover?

Donations will be distributed across VSO’s work in health, education and livelihoods.

Eduardo Soteras/AFP

A woman with her child in a looted hospital in Ethiopia.

How VSO is responding

Across the country, families face food shortages, high levels of child malnutrition, and inadequate health facilities. Women have been unable to access medical support.

VSO volunteers and partners are providing financial support to mothers and pregnant women so they can access food, water and blankets.

We're working in camps providing psycho-social support to girls and women who have suffered gender based violence. This empowers them to understand their rights and break the silence on their suffering.

VSO has been working in Ethiopia since 1995, and recently our volunteers had been committed to working to improve neonatal and maternal health services in hospitals.

Eduardo Soteras/AFP

VSO are working with local organisations to deliver food to internally displaced mums and pregnant women.

How you can help today 

VSO is working in camps across Ethiopia, supporting people who have been displaced and fled conflict. But there are thousands of women who still need food, water and medical attention after suffering horrific trauma. They need support. They deserve better.  

You can help more women break their silence and start their recovery. Will you stand with them today? 

Please donate now to help support pregnant women, mothers, and victims of gender-based violence.

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