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Governance of VSO Ireland

The governing body for VSO Ireland is the Board of Directors, who are both trustees and the legal directors under company law. The Board of VSO Ireland has three directors:

Stephen Pidgeon

Stephen Pidgeon

Stephen is a fundraising consultant working with many UK and Irish charities, and a returned volunteer.  He has spent nearly six years on the VSO International Board.

Christine Littlefield

Christine Littlefield

Christine has worked in the charity sector in Ireland and Northern Ireland since 2003 and joined the Board of VSO Ireland in January 2017

Maria O'Brien

Maria O’ Brien

Maria is currently the Finance Director for Camara Ireland. She is an ACCA qualified accountant and has worked in the NGO sector for 14 years. Camara Education were winners of the Good Governance Award in 2018. 

Directors are non-executive and serve on a voluntary basis and receive no remuneration for services. New appointees take part in an induction programme where they are informed of the work of VSO Ireland.

The board of VSO Ireland is responsible for ensuring that the results and impact generated by VSO Ireland are in line with their purpose and that of VSO internationally.  They ensure that VSO Ireland is on track with their results and contribution to the VSO operating plan internationally, and that all the necessary practices, structure and management requirements are in place. They also regularly evaluate risk.

VSO Ireland abides by the Code of Practice for Good Governance for the Community, Voluntary and Charity Organisations in Ireland.

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