Hello Again From Shinyanga!

So we reach February and it’s still raining, thanks Be to God! I know people in Ireland might think it strange that we would welcome rain but it grows the crops and most of all it takes the heat out of the day, in fact the evenings and mornings can be very pleasant, for a Mzungu (Whites/Europeans) anyway. There were a few nights in January when I could have done with a light blanket, so I bought a Shuka, the traditional Maasai blanket, red of course and it really works, keeps me warm at night and in the morning

#stepforward this IVD to volunteer like Claire

Why did you volunteer?
I’ve always enjoyed volunteering. Not only does it make you feel good for contributing and getting involved but you know you can genuinely make a difference. A lot of people are in a unique position where they can contribute through volunteering. You can educate others who can then pass that on. You can help others who are in need of your help. You can make a difference in countries that aren’t as privileged as our countries. That is a wonderful feeling, but you have to make it happen. I did and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Habari za Shinyanga (Hello from Shinyanga)

Here I am in Shinyanga, or  “Shy town”, and I have just finished three months of a two year contract. I am a School Leadership Advisor/Facilitator in Tanzania with EQUIP (Education Quality Improvement Programme), a DFID (Department for International Development) funded programme managed by Cambridge Education, a member of the Mott MacDonald Group, KPMG and International Rescue Committee (IRC).