• Women in Power

    Speak up to get Women in Power. See how VSO is campaigning for women’s involvement in decision-making.

  • Act Now on 2015

    VSO is a proud and active member of the Act Now on 2015 Campaign. Act Now is a group of more than 70 Irish anti-poverty organisations. We've come together to make sure the Irish government keeps its promise to the world’s poorest people– to invest 0.7% of national income to development assistance by 2015.

Campaign for change

Our supporters are transforming the lives of the world’s poorest people. You can join them. Discover how you can make a difference.

Change is people-powered, and so are VSO campaigns. Together we campaign to improve the ways that governments, business and ordinary people contribute to reducing poverty. Whether this is this is your first visit or you’re a campaigning veteran just back from a two-year stint of VSO volunteering, you can help right now by emailing Tiernan to join our network of campaigners.

VSO and political leaders

We work closely with TDs and Senators from all parties to support development efforts and implement policies that tackle the root causes of poverty. Parliamentarians and their staff can find information on the latest issues and how they can get involved in our work on our dedicated pages.