Different ways you can donate

Different ways you can donate

Donating online is just one easy way for you to support our work, but did you know there are many different ways you can help online?

You can give through your salary, leave a legacy or donate online. However you support us, you’ll have a life-saving impact on the lives of children, families and communities that need our help.

How your support helps

Emergency aid helps in the short term, but it doesn’t last forever.  So VSO sends skilled professional volunteers to share their skills with local people and communities.
By sharing practical experience between the right people - just one volunteer’s contribution can go on helping change lives long after they have returned home. And it’s happening all the time...

For example, Dr Paul Williams a VSO volunteer doctor based in Uganda trained over 200 community health workers who reached a population of 60,000. His work has made a huge impact on people’s lives. In fact, because of the help of Dr Paul working together with local people -  the rate of mother to baby HIV transmission in the population was reduced from 50% to just 1%.

Without your support this would not have been possible.